Project Description

Product description – Sunflower seed hulled bakery grade Data
Packing In paper bags 25kg/ 22,68 kg, Big Bags
Storage conditions Keep cool and dry/ max 25 єC / moisture 75%, Avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life 12 months under proper storage condition
X- Ray Yes
The packing is suitable for foodstuffs according to EU Reg ( EC ) 1935/ 2044 and EU Commission Directive 2002/ 72/ EC
Physical and chemicals parameters Data
Purity 99,95 %
Broken kernels Max 8 %
Moisture Max 8 %
Free fatty acid Max 2 %

Aflatoxine B1 ˂ 0,2 (max 2 µg/ kg) ; Aflatoxines (Total B1, B2, G1, G2 ) ˂ 0,5 (max 4 µg/ kg)

EU Reg ( EC ) 1935/ 2044 and EU Commission Directive 2002/ 72/ EC

Sticks tights Max 0,5 %
Unshelled kernels (shell rests between 25-50 %) Max 0,5 %
Impurities Max 0,05 %
Appearance Light grey, light beige, light brown, uniform in colour
Taste/ smell Characteristic fresh, typical nutty, not rancid, without offtastes
Free of dirt and foreign material, especially free of stones, glass, metal, silicon and plastic
Without any infestation, especially free of living infestation, regardless of stage of development. Free of dead infestation and parts thereof. Free of contamination by insects , especially excrement and egg.
Nutrification information Data
Energy 2513 KJ/ 601 kcal
Protein 24.3
Fat 48.2
Carbonydrate 12,9 %
Dietery fibre 5,9 %
GMO-declaration To the best of our knowledge we herewith state that this article is GMO free, as far as we know no GMO-seeding materials are used to grow our products.