Project Description

Our fuel briquettes are produced exclusively from sunflower husk without any added chemicals or other products. They are obtained by extrusion under high pressure and temperature without any further addition of binders. Sunflower husk briquettes are eco-friendly fuel with much better characteristics than other alternatives.  A ton of sunflower husk briquettes in terms of calorific value equivalents to 1.90 tons of firewood, 1.4 tons brown coal briquettes, 2.5 tons of coal dust or 500L fuel oil.


–       Pollution-free fuel

–       Get 4000+ kilocalories with 1kg of fuel

–       Produce environment-friendly fuel from renewable natural sources

–       Easy transport and storage

Product – Sunflower Husk Briquettes Characteristics
Calorific Value 4300 kJ/kg
Moisture 8 – 9 %
Density 800 – 900 kg/m3
Ash Content ˂ 3,28 %
Sulphur Content 0,13 %
Packaging Bags 25 kg, Big Bag 500kg, 1000 kg or by customer's choice.